New England Clambake

October 16 - 18, 2017 | Rhode Island Convention Center and Omni Hotel, Providence, RI, USA

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Join us for an evening rich in history, fabulous food and top-notch networking! CorrExpo 2017 invites all conference attendees and their spouses/guests to join us at the exclusive Squantum Association on Tuesday evening, October 17, 2017 for a renowned New England Clambake. Admission is included with a full conference registration or paid spouse program. Additional tickets can be purchased online or at registration onsite for $100 each.

New England Clambakes date back to 1843, when members of the Class of 1844, the first class to graduate from the "new" Providence High School, set sail in a borrowed Cat Boat on a summer Saturday. Stocked with some cooking utensils, their boat landed on a nearby island where they spent the evening enjoying some sea food. The experience was enjoyed so much that the venture was repeated frequently. Over the years, other groups arranged outings on the same nearby island and everyone joined forces around 1868, when the Squantum Club was organized on the land where the Squantum Association is located today.  A Constitution was drawn in 1871 and a Charter "for the purpose of Culture" was granted to the Squantum Association on March 13, 1872.

One legend calls "Squantum" an Indian word meaning "the annual visit of a tribe to the seashore to eat shellfish and other seafoods". Others have defined "Squantum" as an Indian word meaning "pile of rocks." Some try to connect the word with "Squanto", the friendly Indian chief. It is established that the word "Squantum" was used about 1800 to denote a clambake. Also, it is safe to assume that the clambake was probably a refinement of the Indian seafood feast.

While the meaning of "Squantum" has several theories, one thing is for certain about the exclusive Squantum Association: it is rich in history, has hosted two Presidents of the United States and is an amazing waterfront place for networking during CorrExpo 2017! We hope you will definitely join us.

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